About Soma Vine Village

Soma Vine Village is more than just a scenic property. The picturesque property houses three villas, Beyond Vineyard Resort, a winery, two multi-cuisine restaurant, two conference halls Somras and the White Room and Madeira, a private dining overlooking the lush green vineyards. The winery is located behind the restaurant complex and this is where Soma wines are made and preserved. Soma Vine Village offers you a quaint view of the magnificent vineyard where you can indulge yourself in the peace and tranquillity of the surroundings along with some great wines. Also, relish in the appetizing food from Culture Kitchen, our in-house soul food restaurant. For a splendid stay in the city, you can also opt for the Soma Service Apartments in the heart of Nashik city. The three stylish villas are located at our serene vineyard with two villas having 7 rooms each and a 3bhk villa along with Beyond vineyard resort complex housin, offering a unique opportunity to stay amongst the vineyard with all the necessary and luxurious amenities. The boutique winery produces fresh, young & fruity wines of different styles for the niche market. "Come For the Taste, Stay For the Lifestyle." We invite you to indulge in the wine lifestyle with us.

Our collection brings you wines that are ready to drink, collect or cellar. We offer you unique wine styles, varietals and appellations to satiate your taste buds. Nestled in the backwaters of the Gangapur Dam, surrounded by the Sahyadri Ranges,we are the only winery to produce some exquisite dessert wine in the country. Our wines are handcrafted by our winemaker Mr Pradeep PachPatil and priced for extraordinary value. Mr. Pradeep Pachpatil, Founder of Somanda Vineyards, has taken an active initiative in every aspect of the venture - from planting the vines to designing the winery, carrying out the production process, to designing the wine labels and logo. The first vintage of Soma's wines was presented in August 2014. In December 2010, Soma wines had its first resort built up. In 2006, Mr Pachpatil built up a villa on his 25-acre plot at Gangavarhe, three kilometres ahead of Sula vineyards and winery, known as Beyond, this was where he also planted vines in 2001. The villa turned out to be a popular rental, which led him to think about building a holiday resort. The rest is history....And the journey keeps getting better every year, so for the guest to have an Enchanting Holidays!

Soma's USP: Soma wines are made to suit every palate. Be it a novice or a connoisseur, Soma hand crafts wines to please Indian as well as International tastes.

Our History

The First Vintage of Soma Wines
The first vintage of Soma wines was presented in January 2014 and features Chenin Blanc in two styles – one,a semi sweet variety and the other a dry variety, as well as a dessert wine made from the late harvest of the same grape. Similarly There are two styles of Sauvignon Blanc – one which is produced according to the oxidative style, which has slightly grassy flavours and the other that follows the reductive style and is slightly fruity, along with a dessert wine made from Sauvignon Blanc. Then there is Zinfandel, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, a Cabernet Sauvignon–Shiraz blend and a Rose from Shiraz.
The First Resort Built
Beyond Vineyard Resort took shape in 2010 and was further leased to Sula until June 2016. Soma will take over operations from July 2016. The complex of Soma Vine Village has two parallel buildings, comprising of a multicuisine Restaurant, Somras Conference Hall & Madeira Private Dining overlooking the vineyards. The winery is located right behind the complex with 20 tanks in varying sizes preserving Soma"s finest wines! In 2014 an additional 7 room villa was built mainly to cater to group and family get togethers. This villa came with a private pool. The villa has an in-house chef , Panditji who cooks delicious home-made food.
The Beginning
After a 7 year long stint with Chateau Indage, PSP came back to Nashik and bought some land on the outskirts of the city. It was on this land he planted varieties of grapes. The 25 acre land proudly boasts of 5 varieties, namely Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Shiraz, Cabernet and Zinfandel. In 2006, PSP built a 3bhk villa amidst the vineyards. While working with Sula , he came up with the idea of wine tourism and hence Beyond, a vineyard resort was born. This 32-room property came with a 2 pools and one baby pool,a vino-spa,restaurant and a gymnasium. These facilities can be availed only by the the guests living at the property.