Soma Vine Villege


Regenta Resort : A Best Place For The Stressed Out City Folks

Our 35 room getaway restaurant which is an incredible beyond vineyard resort in Nashik has won the hearts of many wine lovers in the city and also those who come from abroad.
You can enjoy many things in this resort such as catching a glimpse of the vineyard pool, having a bicycle joy-ride, enjoying the tasty food, cuisine along with the delicious sips of wine. Wineries in Nashik are well-known in India and people enjoy going over there.
The resort is situated near the winery and offers a wide range of rooms for selection, where each of the room has got a private balcony accompanied by lush green hill view. We provide enchanting facilities at our resort as given below:
1) Cafe Rose:
A nice dining restaurant having a huge variety of la cart dishes consisting of nutritious foods. The ingredients used in these foods are grown in our own organic farms. You get to eat the fresh food produce from our farms which adds to the values of health and nutrition.
2) White room:
White room is similar to a kind of a conference room which can be utilized for organizing business meetings and corporate seminars. Corporate functions and after parties can also be hosted in such rooms.
3) Infinity pool:
This is a beautiful pool adjoining the vineyards and has an open wine bar where wine lovers will feel the true joy of sipping wine. The pool will make them feel refreshed and rejuvenated.
4) Spa by touché:
Our spa is a best colleague of the resort having modernized massage chambers to cherish you. The aromatic oils will rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.
5) Red room:
This is a chill-out room to keep you busy for the whole day. You can play your favourite games like carom, table tennis and chess in such a room along with the sumptuous drink of wine.
So, pull up your socks for a supreme wine and dine halt!