Soma Vine Villege


Take A Break From Hill Stations, Stay At Soma Vine Village : By Curiositycult

As humans we want the best of both worlds, we crave a quite getaway from the chaos of the city without having to compromise on luxury. Keeping the two aspects in check, we decided to take a staycation to Soma Vine Village at Nasik, because hey if you’ve been following our feed, you know they have our heart. Staycations to us are like hugs on gloomy days, imperative and comforting.
As you read on our experience, we promise you will want to take a break from hill stations and stay at Soma Vine Village instead….
Setting out on a road trip from Mumbai to Gangapur road in Nasik which houses the beautiful Soma Vine Village at its terrain, we found ourselves at the receiving end of a visual treat as the car went uphill on the quiet road adjoining the Gangapur lake.
At the end of over 170 kms from Mumbai is Soma Vine Village in the wine vicinity of Nasik, (Drive past that valley and you’re bound to spot an array of inviting options for a wine enthusiast.) welcoming you to a getaway experience away from the mainstream, embracing the new culture of sipping wine in a chateau (Well, almost) overlooking a luscious vineyard and backwaters of the Gangapur Dam.
We checked-in to a Deluxe room which features a sit-out balcony overlooking the infinity pool (Which you definitely must dive in) and backwaters.
The cosy room accommodates the essentials, offers ample of wardrobe storage and most importantly offers a steady desk for those like us on a workcation. For us, it was the sit-out balcony which had our heart go gaga. It’s not every day that you sip wine while admiring a breathtaking view. (Did we tell you that we arrived at Nasik when the weather was on fleek? The rains had just subsided and the sky and breeze were in a mood to tell a tale.)
After wearing off the fatigue from the drive, we stepped out for a guided tour of the vineyard, wine making and tasting. The Sommelier took us around the vineyard enlightening us on the little known stages of the grape plantation, the fruits of which are plucked out on maturity.
While this was phase 1 of the wine making process, it’s the stage after this, which is all about the intricate details. We learnt that an average wine bottle is the resultant of nearly a year long process.
After a step-by-step walk through the process, we learnt the trick from the expert about everything from the storage in barrels and tanks to the bottling of wine and we can now confidently tell you that they take their guests and wine very seriously!
A boutique wine experience would be incomplete if one doesn’t try their home-grown wines. Did you know that a wine glass needs to be held by its stem to ensure that the chilled temperature of the wine remains unchanged by the human body contact? 
To tell a glass from another, the best way is to sniff it before you sip it. After we stepped out of the wine tasting session, feeling like sommeliers, (Okay, that’s exaggeration. But we were definitely a level above a layman’s knowledge of wine.)
To end the long day, we visited the Nilaya spa for an hour of rejuvenating massage carried out by their professional masseuse. A thumbs up for this experience.
Before we sign out, we ought to talk about our favourite meal of the day, breakfast! The spread consisted of Indian staples, breads and fresh juices. The scrumpticious start to the day came with a view so yay, we absolutely recommend waking up on time for it.
If you’re planning to take a staycation, we recommend take a break from hill stations and stay at Soma Vine Village instead.