Soma Vine Villege



Our spa is the perfect companion to the resort with modern massage rooms, a Jacuzzi and exclusive services to pamper you. Let the aromatic oils and relaxing treatments rejuvenate your mind, body & soul during your vineyard vacation.
Best Private Swimming Pool Villa

Pet Friendly Resort

Leaving behind your pet every time you go on a holiday is heartbreaking. How about spending some quality time with him while you are on a vacation? You can do that when you stay in our Soma Vine Village resort.

Adventure & Sports

Come and feel the adrenaline rush with our never-ending adventure options and hop on a variety of adventure and sports activities with your friends and family. A perfect place to enjoy a great holiday doing rock climbing, go-karting, zip line, high rope and low rope activities, and much more fun packed activities.
Best Private Swimming Pool Villa

Swimming Pool

After exploring the city of Nashik, all you need is a dip in the comforting water of our infinity pool to rejuvenate yourself. You can enjoy a glass of wine at the open wine bar near the pool or just read your favourite novel by it to relax.


Soma Vine Village is the only Vineyard Resort, which offers a wine destination for the weddings and events in India. Celebrate your golden moments at Soma’s wedding destination venue in city of grapes in Nashik , India. Personalize your dream wedding plans and we will work on making your dream come true with our garden wedding destination venue.

Conference Hall

For business needs, Soma Vine Village offers largest and well developed conference hall and conventional center in Nashik. Conference hall area is fully equipped by the all modern electronics equipments like Overhead Projector, Sound System , Screen, Stage Lightning. Our conference hall have no window to maintain security while time of meetings and conferences.


Soma holds different meaning for different people. But for us Soma is best eatery who serves delicious food . We serves our best multi-cuisine dishes to our customers with warm sip of wine. Book your table now and enjoy the restaurants hospitality.

Wine Tasting

Soma Vine Village brings you the opportunity to take India's first boutique winery's guided tour in which our Sommelier educate you upon wine making and take you through the processes of making Whites, Reds, Rose as well as sparkling wines (methode champenoise), followed by wine testing session in which they provide you an expert training upon techniques of tasting a wine and offer you some finest boutique wines to taste.

Wine Spa

The wine bathing, steaming, skin peeling with the grape seeds and fresh blend, the massage with the grape oil and too many procedures shall take you to another world of Edem. You will taste the grape honey juice and wine made of it

Indoor Games

Are you getting bored ?? Get refreshed by our indoor game activity. Spend your lazy times of day with our indoor games activity like Carom, Chess, Video Games, Table Tennis, Playing Cards .

Pre Wedding at Soma

This pre wedding was a special one as we were doing a spring shoot at the beautiful Soma Vineyards, with its magnificent Lawns, a grand interior and off course the cute Vineyards

Party Hall

Birthday, cocktail, Bachelor's or Anniversary whatever the occasion celebrate your special time with Soma's part Hall Venue. Make your special day memorable with Soma restaurants delicious snacks, starter and main course .

Grape Stomping

There is nothing like the feeling of grapes between bare toes as you jump in the oak barrel to experience the age-old tradition of pressing by foot!